Welcome from Police Chief Jesse Barnes

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The Skokie Police Department prides itself on its commitment to partner with the community in its professional delivery of law enforcement services.   The Department understands and values that the authority given to us is only effective if we are valued, trusted and respected by the community we serve.  It is our honor to work with you to ensure the safety and security of all who live, work and visit the Village.  We hold high expectations for ourselves and our work, and we understand the need to be transparent and honest in our relationship with the community.  Open communication is our best tool to address any concern you may have, and I encourage you to reach out to me, or other Skokie Police Department staff at any time.

See the 2022 Skokie Police Department Annual Report.

See information on the Skokie Police Department Co-Responder team.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Skokie Police Department is to prevent crime, protect life and property, enforce the law, and preserve order, while protecting the rights of all people and doing so with the highest of ethical and professional standards.

Values Statement

Our organizational values set the standards and expectations of how we go about our work in accomplishing our mission. Our values are the base on which our organizational culture is built and how we as an organization want to be defined.

  • Life - We value the life of every person and consider life to be of the foremost importance. We believe in de-escalation, the use of discretion and doing what is right for everyone involved. We believe that in some circumstances, doing nothing, or doing something at a later time, can be the best solution.
  • Partnership - Our authority is only as strong as our relationship with the community we serve. It is our priority, in everything that we do, to seek and attain positive partnerships and relationships with every segment of the community, to collaboratively educate, address, and resolve issues pertaining to public safety.
  • Excellence - Being good is not good enough! We have high expectations of ourselves and our Department and will never jeopardize our integrity or our intent. We will always search for ways to improve ourselves and the work that we do. We will continue to support diversity in the Department and are committed to being the positive model for others to follow.
  • Respect - We will always treat everyone with whom we interact with the upmost dignity, professionalism, and respect. We reject discrimination against anyone in any form. We uphold the tenets of procedural justice - Fairness, Voice, Transparency, and Impartiality.

In addition to our values, we also adopt and hold ourselves accountable to the highest degree of ethical standards. We commit to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and Standard of Conduct as regulated and outlined in our Department Rules.