Skokie Police Use of Force Review Board


The Use of Force Review Board is responsible for reviewing the Skokie Police Department’s use of force statistics and the findings of use of force incidents, that result in complaint or injury. The Board advises the Mayor of any recommendations relating to the policies and practices of the Skokie Police Department’s uses of force.  


Meets semi-annually at a minimum or more frequently at the call of the chairperson.
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Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings and are posted on the Village website. Minutes are available following approval.
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The Use of Force Review Board is made up of nine members. One member is from each of the four quadrants of the Village (with Main Street/Kostner Avenue as the center point of the quadrants), one member is a concurrent member of the Human Relations Commission and one member is a concurrent member of the Public Safety Commission. Each of these members serve for three years. One member is appointed by the Mayor to serve as Chair and has a term of one year but may be reappointed.


James Specker, Chair
Elizabeth Demes, Quadrant 1
Casey Diers, Quadrant 3
Alecia Wartowski, Quadrant 4
Judge Edward Bobrick, At Large
Michael Nelson, At Large
Dennis Rizo, Public Safety Commission
Karen Sherman, Human Relations Commission
Abel Figueroa, Ad-hoc

Alison Pure Slovin, Trustee
Chief Brian Baker
Deputy Chief Jesse Barnes
Cindy Pechter, Police Department Administrative Specialist

Use of Force Review Board Vacancies:   1
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