Rat Prevention Tips

Skokie property owners in a four-unit or less residential structures who have observed rat activity on their property are eligible for the Village’s rat program. Residents and/or Property Owners observing rats should submit a report to the Health and Human Services Department. Click here for the Access Skokie app that includes the report form. Property owners must also complete a Rodent Release of Liability Form prior to the Village treating a property for rat activity.

The Skokie Environmental Health Division recommends that resident take the following steps to prevent rat harborage:

  • Properly seal building openings - Rats can enter through any space larger than 1/2-inch. Pay special attention to fascia boards, vents and any cracks or gaps along the building foundation.
  • Pest proof doors - Use a brush strip or compression seal to prevent any gaps more than 1/4-inch through which rodents can enter.
  • Manage refuse containers - Refuse containers provide the most common food source for rats. All trash needs to be bagged and stored in intact trash containers with the lid closed. If refuse containers are damaged, please submit a request to have container repaired/replaced. 
  • Remove clutter - Rodents burrow in loose rubbish that provides them with protection from predators. Move equipment and firewood away from structures and store items off the ground 12 to 18 inches where possible.  Remove windblown trash and spillage from the fence line and from the building foundation. Remove all pet waste.
  • Alter landscaping - Rats like heavy vegetation that provides food, water and protection from predators. Keep vegetation and weeds at least two feet from the structure. Avoid low-lying plants and creeping bushes, and keep the grass cut.