Transportation & Mobility

Moving ourselves and our goods and services from place to place is energy intensive while the vehicles we use for that mobility are material resource intensive.  In addition to transportation vehicles, off-road equipment like construction, recreational and lawn equipment consume significant amounts of fossil fuels for their operation.    

In Skokie, the Transportation and Mobility sector accounts for 35.4% of community GHG emissions and is projected to decrease as the transportation sector electrifies.

  1. 2023 Q4 Sustainability Plan Progress

    Village staff throughout the organization are working together to implement the strategies of the updated Skokie Environmental Sustainability Plan adopted by the Village Board in 2022. Learn about 2023 Q4 progress. Read on...
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Implementation is for Everyone!

Some actions in this plan will need to be led by the 
Village Board, Village departments, and/or the business community. In addition, there are steps that households and individuals can take to make an impact.   Click below to find out out the what you as a resident can do to help the Village achieve these visionary goals.

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Transportation & Mobility Strategies

Below are the specific Transportation & Mobility goals outlined in the 2022 Environmental Sustainability Plan. Clicking on one of them will display the list of actions to be incorporated into the Village's workplans. They are broken down into completed, in-progress, and future and progress is updated quarterly.

In-Progress Actions

  • Continue seeking funding for a new Transportation Plan. When funded, that plan will update additional documents and policies accordingly and in support of the goals of this Environmental Sustainability Plan, including the Village's comprehensive plan and non-motorized transportation management.
  • Achieve "Bike Friendly Business" designation from the League of American Bicyclists for Village of Skokie facilities and operations. Promote biking, walking, carpooling and other forms of alternative commuting to Village employees.

Ongoing Actions

  • Promote and cooperate with school districts to expand and implement Safe Routes To Schools Implementation Plan for all schools within the community. Ensure improved bicycle access to all schools in Skokie including each high school. Plan implementation should focus on infrastructure and policy changes as well as promotion of biking/walking transportation to schools through education and encouragement.
  • Conduct a Sidewalk and Bike Path Quality Assessment and Master Plan to identify needs to accelerate bike paths, building sidewalks, crosswalks, and other walking infrastructure, particularly in high-need areas and areas serving vulnerable populations. Create an implementation plan establishing annual increases in the total miles of sidewalks, on-road bicycle lanes and multi-use paths.
  • Prioritize transportation funding for Vision Zero engineering improvement projects paired with VMT reduction strategies to create safe streets for people walking, biking and riding transit.

Future Actions

  • Expand existing bicycle and pedestrian safety and skills training to all school-aged children in Skokie with an accompanying program to educate parents and all interested adults.
  • Provide incentives such as density bonuses, reduced parking, or expedited review for development projects that have mixed-used zoning (residential, retail and office uses) and commit to sustainable transportation practices. For example, prioritizing access by pedestrians and bicyclists, incentivizing increased bike rack availability, providing electric vehicle charging stations and discounted transit passes, as well as fee-appropriate parking.
  • Determine appropriate locations for "shared streets" and car-free pedestrian zones in high-density areas. Evaluate feasibility of limiting vehicles on certain days of the week and implementing congestion parking pricing, where appropriate. Revisit the Active Transportation/Niles North demonstration on Lawler Ave. Conduct a pilot project to evaluate implementation potential and strategies.

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