Corporation Counsel

The Corporation Counsel is appointed by and reports to the Mayor and Board of Trustees. In addition to the Corporation Counsel, the Mayor and Board of Trustees appoint Assistant Corporation Counsels.

Legal Advisors

The Corporation Counsel and Assistant Corporation Counsels are attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois. The Corporation Counsel's Office, sometimes referred to as the Legal Department, acts as primary legal advisor to the Mayor, Board of Trustees, Village Manager, Village Departments, Boards and Commissions.

The Corporation Counsel's Office represents the Village in litigation either against or by the Village and in land acquisition and disposition matters, collection of amounts due the Village, prosecution of traffic and local ordinance violation cases, as well as drafting and/or reviewing all ordinances, resolutions and contracts presented to the Mayor and Board of Trustees.

Village Code

Access the Village Code page.

Legal Services

The Corporation Counsel's Office does not provide legal services or advice to Village residents or businesses.