Temporary Liquor License

Applications can be obtained by going to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission website, under the section titled, "Special Event Retailer."

  1. Write a letter to the Mayor, the Village's Liquor Commissioner, stating your event. Please give the date(s) and time(s) of the event and the address where the event will take place.
  2. Fill out the application from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission website. Return the original application to the Mayor's Office. Please make a copy for yourself for your records.
  3. Make a check out to the Village of Skokie for $40 for a one or two day event; $60 for a three day event; and, $80 for a four day event.
    1. For a tax exempt entity, the fee is $500 per day if one of the following applies: The event is outdoors or the entity has already received a license for 3 days of events in the calendar year
  4. A copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance must accompany the application upon submittal.
  5. When everything is received by the Mayor's Office, the application will be processed. On the application there is an area where the Mayor needs to approve the application. This will be done by the Mayor's Office and returned to the requestor, along with a letter from the Mayor granting a temporary liquor license.
  6. Take the stamped and signed temporary liquor license from the Mayor's Office to the State of Illinois Liquor Commission for final processing.
  1. Office of the Mayor

    Physical Address
    5127 Oakton Street
    Skokie, IL 60077

  2. Vicky Varga