Do I Need a Residential Fire Sprinkler System?

In January 2005, in accordance with NFPA 13-D, the Village of Skokie adopted a Residential Fire Sprinkler Ordinance. This requires all new one and two family dwellings to install and maintain a fire sprinkler system. All work must be done by an Illinois State Fire Marshal Licensed Sprinkler Contractor.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic sprinkler systems supply water to a network of individual sprinklers, each protecting the area below from fire. These sprinklers open automatically in response to high heat and spray water on the fire. Sprinklers control fires quickly and efficiently and reduce the smoke and toxic gases.


Many people resist the idea of home sprinkler systems due to some common misconceptions, but the truth is:

  • Only sprinklers near the fire discharge.
  • Your entire house will not be flooded due to a small fire in a confined area.
  • Fires are usually contained by the operation of just one sprinkler.
  • Water damage from accidental sprinkler release is no more likely than water damage from your household plumbing system.
  • Sprinklers attack a fire before it spreads, so there is usually less water damage than if the fire department had to fight the fire at a more advanced stage.
  • Modern sprinklers can be inconspicuous with fixtures mounted almost flush with walls or ceilings.