Squad / Rescue Companies

Engine Company

The Squad Company is basically an Engine Company for all practical purposes. Though it carries less hose than a conventional Engine Company, the water pump and hose bed configuration are similar. Depending on the type of incident at hand, the Squad Company can undertake the duties of an Engine Company.

Truck Tools

Additionally, the squad carries conventional "truck tools." Tasks of both vertical and horizontal ventilation can be assigned to supplement Truck Company activities.

Rescue Tools

The Squad also carries an array of specialized rescue tools. The foremost piece of equipment found on the rig is the hydraulic rescue tool known to the public as the "Jaws of Life." The "Jaws" are used to remove a vehicle from around a patient who may be trapped inside as a result of an automobile accident.

Underwater Rescue

Though the Village of Skokie does not have an Underwater Rescue Team, the Squad Company carries equipment to affect a rapid rescue of victims involved in surface water incidents.

Special Responses

Special responses, which are a result of a hazardous materials incident, are handled with equipment carried on this vehicle. Preliminary evaluation of the incident, stoppage of minor leaks, or a rapid rescue of victims can be handled with the Haz-Mat suits and equipment on the Squad.

Other incidents such as persons trapped under a collapsed building, on high buildings, and in confined spaces can be mitigated with special rope and shoring devices that the Squad carries.

Special Rescue Teams

Major incidents beyond the scope the Squad's equipment are handled by Special Rescue Teams made up of members combined from fire departments on the North Shore.