Zoning Ordinances

Zoning refers to regulations and a map that determine how land in Skokie may be used or developed such as the types and locations of residential, commercial, and industrial uses and buildings, off-street parking and loading, and landscaping requirements. It also regulates the density and intensity of developments. Every parcel of land in the Village is in a zoning district. Each zoning district has allowable uses that are either permitted uses or special uses.

Permitted Uses

Permitted uses are uses that are explicitly allowed in a zone such as single-family homes in an R1 Single Family district or bookstores in a B3 Business district. Special uses are uses that are allowed in a zone only after public hearings.

The Plan Commission reviews each special use, and the Village Board of Trustees must approve the special use prior to its establishment. Land uses that are not specifically listed as permitted or special uses in a zoning district are not allowed without a Zoning chapter amendment.

Permitted uses, special uses, and rules about setbacks, lot coverage, parking requirements, landscaping, and other development requirements can all be found in the Chapter 118, Zoning, of the Skokie Village Code.

Additional Information

A print copy of the Zoning chapter and Zoning map can be purchased for $30 from the Planning Division at 847-933-8447. For additional zoning information, contact the Building and Zoning Division at 847-933-8223.