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Since 1944 the Village of Skokie has purchased water from the City of Evanston. In response to a requirement by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the City of Evanston has provided the Village with the data for the Village of Skokie’s Consumer Confidence Report on drinking water quality. The Report concludes that Skokie’s water supplies are in compliance with all USEPA requirements.

Please see the Village’s Water Quality Report Here:

Water System Improvements

051Construction of new water main involves having a five foot deep trench excavated, the new water main pipe is installed (including fire hydrants and valves) and covered with granular backfill material.  The main is then pressure tested to ensure that there are no leaks and chlorinated to ensure no bacteria exists that will infect the water supply. Next, individual home service connections are transferred to the new water main pipe.There will be a disruption of water service for each of the connections (two hours) and when the new main is connected to the existing main (four hours). Notification will be made for all water service shutdowns. All areas disturbed by the water main installation are then restored to their original condition. 

Water Main Break Repair Video