What should drivers be aware of when approaching a fire station?
Upon approaching a fire station, motorists should be aware that fire department vehicles may be entering the street responding to a call for help. If this happens to you - stop - and allow the emergency vehicle or vehicles to proceed.

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1. What steps should drivers take to ensure they can hear the approach of an emergency vehicle?
2. Should motorists stop when they see or hear an emergency vehicle approaching with emergency lights and siren operating?
3. What should drivers do on a multi-lane road when they are in the middle lane and the emergency vehicle is in the right lane?
4. When drivers approach an emergency vehicle scene, what precautions should they take?
5. At a fire scene, can motorists drive over a fire hose stretched across the street?
6. What should drivers be aware of when approaching a fire station?
7. Is it illegal to follow an emergency vehicle too closely when the warning lights and siren are operating?
8. Do pedestrians have the right-of-way over an emergency vehicle responding with lights and siren operating?
9. While responding to a call for help, what can emergency vehicles do that motorists cannot?
10. When an emergency vehicle is approaching me on a divided highway, do drivers have to pull to the right and stop?